Erker Grain Company

Located in the heart of northeastern Colorado, Erker Grain Company was established in 1976 by Michael G. Erker. From 1976 through 1992, Erker Grain served as a county elevator offering marketing opportunities and storage to local farmers for wheat, corn. milo. and millet. In 1992 Erker Grain took the first step towards developing a niche market by constructing a sunflower and bean processing facility. Interest in sunflower production in northeastern Colorado and the panhandle of Nebraska increased as word that a processing plant was nearby and producers would no longer have to truck their production to Kansas.


Erker Grain is a world supplier of in-shell and hulled confection sunflower products. Erker Grain began exporting confection sunflowers in 1992. China was the first country, but export from the facility soon grew to include such countries as Mexico, Turkey, and Spain. In 2000 Erker Grain received the Colorado Governor's Award for Excellence in Exporting.

"Erker Grain's exceptional commitment to international trade helps to keep Colorado's economy strong. Your success in exporting inspires other small businesses to enter the global market."
 Governor Bill Owens


Sunflower Growers:

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Erker Grain Company

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